Tips, Tricks and Pointers

Learn Your Limitations

Learning to say No is the first and hardest step.  
  • Don't over schedule
  • When your body says stop, then stop
  • Allow extra recoup time after an activity
  • Plan ahead

Getting up early in the morning and working on laundry is no longer feasible for me. Having more than one activity in a weekend day no longer works for me.
The housework will still be there when I get to it. 

Some follow the "rule of two" or "rule of 15" when attempting housework or tackling a project. 
  • Rule of 2- complete two tasks, take a break
  • Rule of 15- work on any task for no more than 15 minutes per day 

Personally, every day is different and I never know what to expect when I wake up. I have a prep routine for weeknights but when in a flare, everything stops. 

Missing out on social activities can get you down. Sometimes its necessary but if you learn to say NO when you need to, then you will learn how to manage your energy bank. Now, I try to plan ahead. Also, I don't plan to attend long events. As an example, I may arrive later or leave earlier depending on the event. Explaining to my friends and family, I can do A but I can't promise B lets them know what sets the expectation that I may not be able to make it for a full function. 

Let go of the thoughts of what you "used to do" and concentrate on what you CAN do.