Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Let me Introduce Myself

So where to start? Right at the beginning, I suppose. Or maybe not. I guess the hard part is which beginning-not the story of my life but the beginning of my battle with arthritis? 

Well after my grandiose ideas of how perfect this blog could be and how I can help so many people find something positive, I had a bad day. A bad pain day. LIGHTBULB! 
I have spent many sleepless nights researching and following other blogs and wallowing in my own puddle of self pity. Days that I cursed other bloggers for being so darned happy. Not that I wanted them to hurt the way I did or even hurt at all. I just couldn't look towards a brighter future because I wasn't finding any relief myself. Couldn't imagine how anyone who claims to have a horrible pain could possibly post such happy, "feel good" messages. 

 My end goal here is to promote something positive. Just not over the top hallmark card positive. Realistically, though as someone who never knows what to expect until she wakes up-this girl may vent a frustration from time to time. 

My experience is with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.  I am not a doctor, a medical professional or even an expert on autoimmune diseases but feel as though I should have a degree in pain with a doctorate in painsomnia.  I can't help diagnose but I can give you my story, my background and any method to help alleviate chronic pain is worth trying (in my book).

After my first flare, time stood still. Blood work and nsaids and blood work and prescriptions and blood work and waiting.And then more waiting. And then the Rheumatologist. X-rays, MRI's, CT Scans, all while trying to work and have a family. And then finally, a diagnosis, or two? or three? That's the first uphill struggle with autoimmune related diseases and conditions. There's no set answer and everyone's pain is different.  

So I won't bore you with every medicine, and every detail of my chronic pain story but I will share what works for me on any particular day. 
Whew! Now all that being said. No matter what kind of chronic pain you suffer, I hope that you maybe find some comfort here. 
And hopefully there won't be so many cheeky inspirational messages..ok maybe a few. And no major rants..only vented frustrations. But obtainable tips and tricks. Ideas and thoughts about living a REAL life with pain. 

Gentle thoughts